Hello, small blog post today.

I am prod to announce I have joined the fediverse!! Well Im already on matrix, but this is like the first public instance open too.


So as of writing this, I have only been hosting my own instance for 2 days now. It was a bit annoying to setup (just a few docker containers and proxy shenanigans), but hey it works now! The main gripe I currently have with activity pub so far is the lack of discovery and reading older events.

Currently you can only search for things that you are directly federated with. So for example, my server is federated with, so I can search for things on there. Also I cant see older posts. If I go to anyone I follow, I can only see posts since I started federating with them. Any older posts require me to go to their mastodon (or anything that supports activity pub) instance.

A cool thing though that ive noticed is that activity pub allows federation outside mastodon. So far Ive only seen lemmy accounts, but I find that cool.

Long way to go

Overall, I think activity pub as a protocol has a long way to go. There are some things I wish where implemented, mainly things that matrix has. But overall its really cool, and Im going to continue to use it for the foreseeable future.



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