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tuxman is a recreation of the arcade multiplayer pacman battle game where pacman have to avoid ghosts and each eachother to win! Its written in TypeScript (im sorry), and fetures a full map editor with custom map support. It uses rollback netcode, and you can play a hosted version at


brainfucked is a brainfuck dialect that makes you manage your memory manually! The original interpreter gives you a tape of 30,000 cells, while i only give you as much as a pointer takes up on your system: 4 or 8 depending if your on a 32bit or 64bit system. You can than allocate a new tape and then use that! Also brainfucked is tuing complete proven by this amzing proof that my friend trimill made.


xssbook is a website I created for xss scripting vulnerabilities. It is a facebook clone, backend written in rust with axum, and the frontend made in html, css, and vanilla javascript. The site work by failing to parse user input every step of the way, and renders it as direct html. You can view my hosted version at


lazysphere is a gnu coreutils/busybox clone, supporting commands such as su, rm (the french), and also (but not exluding) yes. Its written in C with no dependencies because they are bad.

minecraft vulkan

Minecraft Vulkan is a Minecraft clone I wrote in C++, and rendered using the Vulkan API. It is procedurally generated, and uses multi threading to offload the generating and meshing to separate threads.


wig is a simple DNS client written in C. It supports all the important features as most DNS clients, but displays its results in a simple and concise format without all the clutter. It gives you what you want fast and simple.


Crab, a.k.a Cool Rust Authentication Binary, is a privilege escalation program for Linux systems written in rust. It allows users to temporarily gain root privileges for what they need, given they are allowed to in the crab conf file. It authenticates the current user with the PAM api built into Linux.


wrapper is a simple and lightweight DNS server written in C. It supports custom user defined records in a config files, and it also supports a few custom build records for fun! For example, there is a CMD record that runs a command on the host system, and returns the result as a TXT record! Read more on the readme!