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Turing-completeness proof for Brainfucked

By producing an algorithm that can translate arbitrary Brainfuck programs into Brainfucked, we prove that the latter must have computational class greater than or equal to the former, thus proving that Brainfucked is Turing-complete.

Proof that Brainfucked is not of a greater computational class than Brainfuck is left as an exercise to the reader.

Since Brainfucked tapes have a limited amount of memory, we will implement a tape as a linked list. Each item in the linked list will be a tape of length ten with the following structure:

The second byte is not strictly necessary, as we could just check whether the pointer is null, however it makes the translation significantly easier.

First, we prefix the output program with ++++++++++*(. Since the original tape is only 8 bytes wide, we need to make a new one with a size of 10. +, -, [, ], ., and , all translate to themselves.

> can be translated as >-[>++++++++++*<+]+>(. This will allocate the next tape if it does not yet exist and then enter it.

First, consider the case where next tape has not yet been allocated. We decrement the allocation marker cell, which wraps around to 255, allowing us to enter the loop. We then allocate the next tape and increment the allocation marker back to 0. After exiting the loop, it is incremented again to 1, signalling that the next tape is now allocated. We can then enter the newly allocated tape. If the tape was already allocated, the loop will never be entered and the marker will remain 1.

< can be translated as )<<. We exit the current tape and move back over to the data cell.

This proof only uses a subset of Brainfucked consisting of the characters +-<>[]()*,.. One of + or - can be trivially eliminated by replacing it with 255 copies of the other. Additionally, , and . are not required for Turing-completeness, as input can be encoded into the initial tape configuration and output can be read off the tape once the program halts. I conjecture that no smaller subset of Brainfucked is Turing-complete.

Example translation script (Lua)

src ="*a")
src = src:gsub("%<", ")<<")
src = src:gsub("%>", ">-[>++++++++++*<+]+>(")
src = "++++++++++*(" .. src